• Directory listing, Learn More
  • Includes company location and contact information including a website. Description on service area, fleet, and airports served. Ability to edit your information.

  • One business location
  • Rates for 1 vehicle
  • Rates for 1 airport
  • Social media, Learn More
  • Yelp reviews only, cannot be disabled

per month
  • Everything in Basic
  • One business location
  • Rates for up to 5 vehicles
  • Rates for up to 3 airports
  • Social media, Learn More
  • Yelp, BBB, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Can disable/enable.

  • Coupon codes, Learn More
  • Displayed above regular rates.

  • Statistics, Learn More
  • Rates/vehicle impressions only.

  • Reservations, Learn More
  • Send directly to your email. $1 for amounts of $50 or less, $2 for amounts between $50 and $100, and $3 for amounts over $100. This is not a lead, this is a service request sent only to your company with trip details. All you have to do is confirm and collect payment information.

per month
  • Everything in Professional
  • Unlimited business locations
  • Rates for unlimited vehicles
  • Rates for unlimited airports
  • Statistics, Learn More
  • Rates/vehicles impressions, clicks, and business profiles views.

  • Verified business, Learn More
  • Requires copies of business license and livery permit.

  • Verified vehicles, Learn More
  • Requires vehicle registration and insurance.

  • Why get verified? Learn More
  • For many clients it is crucial to know that you actually own and operate a vehicle you are offering. This certification show superb level of trust and customer service. Many networks, travel agents, and corporate customers will require such documents in order to do business.

Transportation industry is changing, we need a community to survive this change.

What is Riders.Guide?
We are a membership based community. We do not charge commissions, we do not keep your money, and we do not sell your information. We are here to unite mobility and ground transportation providers.

How to join?
We currently operate on Invite Only basis. If you would like to be considered as potential member please fill in the form below.

What to expect?
Even though several transportation resources have united to create this community we are in our infancy. This is why we offer any type of membership free of charge for 90 days. If COVID situation will not improve we will extend the free period. We are building a B2B community centered on mobility. Livery, logistics, transit providers as well as travel agents, event organizers, and organizations will have a save and friendly place to conduct their business.

What can you do?
First and foremost ADD YOUR RATES! If people do not know how much you charge (from – to + vehicle) they will not be able to find your service in our system. Please note that we do not list share ride rates at the moment due to COVID, if there is a demand for it we will add share ride rates as well.

When will you start receiving business?
At the moment it is very difficult to predict as we are crippled by the pandemic. After things settle in more or less chances are we will not go back to our “normal” travel patterns. We will take it day by day, this is why we will not be charging anything for 90 days.

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